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About Us


Can you believe that life can be lived equal to the strength of your vision? Your business should be no different. If you have a vision and ignore it, every event in your life teaches you to awaken to it. If you have an inspired vision and use it, every event in your business can facilitate success. It is your decision. Only you can understand where your vision came from. Only you can direct your vision in order to keep your business growing in the right direction.

Choose to synchronize your business goals and let the vision of your company work for you -- like it should. Following what you believe in is a large part of the secret of success. Acting on your core beliefs is the next crucial step. Viken Enterprises uses these principles and has experienced their power to help individuals and business alike to reach their financial, career and life goals.

Our company has a burning desire to share our ideas with all facets of business in a way that would only “re-tune” where you currently are. We believe in tapping into the right frequency in order to synchronize your efforts into actuality. Beyond setting goals for your business to grow, we aim to set goals to help bring your products to the world and incorporate your company’s mission into your customers' lives.

 -- Michael P. Sliman, Founder

There are only a few marked moments in time when a person chooses to act without thought on specific decisions and there are frequent moments in time where dreams and destiny seem too big for actuality in a lifetime. The main difference is VISION, PURPOSE, FAITH, COURAGE, SELF-RESPECT and LOVE for what you do.

Family and friends that challenge your dreams, beliefs and values are teachers who are placed in your life in order to develop certainty within yourself.They may appear as dis- respectful and full of negative energy, but only if you choose to see it that way.



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